About Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems

My name is Tiger-Ray

    2002 I formed Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems. I started working out of my garage with a small oven and basic colors.
As demand grew, I had to keep expanding more and more.
    Late 2004, I opened a large shop with new equipment. We have 2 ovens that can handle up to 18 feet, a spray booth and a blasting room.
    2005 I started to do custom powder coating.
I am now known for creating my own custom colors. I am Proud to say my finishes are unique Vanilla Gorilla Coatings.

    I like to use Metal Flakes, Dorments, Transparent Colors, Wrinkles, Fades, of course my own custom colors and custom flakes. I make great colors even better.

As a former race car driver, I want my equipment to look Great and Very Fast. I got into Ceramic Coating and High Performance Engine Coatings. Check out what Ceramic and High Performance Engine Coatings can do for you.

    I want to thank my Gorilla Girls for being with me at the events/shows. Your some of the hottest girls around. Better than the wild girls on tv. Lets make some Gorilla Girl Videos. I'm Kidding...
    Really, I Thank You So Much!

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Thanks to Everyone


Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems
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