First things first "Drop The Rattle Can".
The Quality of my work is second to none. The name of the game is said to be prep work, and it is true. I go all out to do this, but then I am only as good as the part. Meaning; (I will tell you if your part(s) are in top quality shape or not.)

Regardless I can do a lot to hide the defects on part(s) when necessary. I only use top quality Prep cloaners, coatings (powders, high performance, ceramic).

The same goes for metal polising, media blasting and any work we do.
We maintain the highest standard of quality. This is what our customers love. Many of our customers have been with us from the start and keep coming back for more. We thank you!!! We will continue to meet all your wants and needs for the future.
Feel free to check out our Photo Gallery to see work we have done.

Thank You!
Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems
190 Easy Street Unit H.
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188
ph: 630-668-3045 fax: 630-260-9517